The FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021 Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SCDL), has named the tournament’s fan card as ‘Haya’ for the competition that serves as a test event for 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The tournament’s 10th edition, which will be hosted by Qatar for the second time in its history, will be held 30 November to 18 December 18.

A total 16 best teams from the Arab world will participate.

The LOCA briefed matters related to registration, tickets and fan card at a media conference that was held at the Doha Exhibition Centre, Al Qassar.

Hassan Rabia Al Kuwari, Director of Fan Service, Khaled Ali Al Mawlawi, Head of Championship Experience at SCDL, Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Al Thani, Director of Doha Exhibition Center Facility, and Sami Mohamed Al Shammari, Executive Director of Technology at SCDL.

“The 2021 Arab Cup will represent a golden opportunity to test all of Qatar’s operational capabilities related to the visitor experience, during the activities of the tournament,” said Al Mawlawi.

“The tournament will represent a unique opportunity for all spectators and fans to enjoy FIFA Arab Cup.”

He also announced the official launch of the “Haya” fan card, which is a smart card that allows its holder to enter the country and stadiums with ease.

Al Mawlawi said that other branches will be opened to sell tickets.

The Haya card will have multiple privileges including the use of public transport. Besides, the card will be mandatory to enter the stadiums besides entering the country for fans from outside Qatar.

The Haya smart card will carry all the information and personal data of its holder, as it will facilitate all special services throughout the tournament period.

Al Shammari added that the fan card can be requested through the official website of the tournament, after completing the ticket purchase process, pointing out that the exhibition center will provide all services to individuals in order to facilitate the process of obtaining the card and registration.

Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Al Thani said the Doha Exhibition Center will provide services and overcome all difficulties for individuals who face difficulties in the registration process or how to obtain the card.

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